Take This Angle to Create a Better Habit

Consistency is KEY to seeing the results you want.  Most recently, the thing I’m seeing most people struggle with is being consistent with their exercise or movement.

AND I have a pretty good SECRET to being a more consistent exerciser…it’s a technique I like to call:

SHOW UP First, WORK Later

First, get into the habit of SHOWING UP. Don’t worry about sweating & killing yourself by exceeding your own limitations.

The other day, I did not feel like exercising, so I told myself, “All you have to do is SHOW UP.”  Which means in my lifestyle…get the exercise clothes on, go outside, and walk the slowest mile of my life, and then go home. No sweat or effort necessary.

Guess what happened!? Getting dressed and walking the slowest mile ever didn’t seem difficult at all, so I was able to SHOW UP…and once I got going, I wanted to do much more than a slow mile!  I cranked up the tunes in my headphones and walked a total of 5 miles! However, I could have totally stopped at 1 mile and been okay with simply showing up.

The more you move, the more you CAN move, and the more you will WANT to move.  While rest has an important place, movement is critical to healing and/or getting the results you want.  You don’t have to run a mile, you don’t even have to walk around the block. Set yourself a minimum goal and SHOW UP. Movement is medicine and it is more effective when you are having fun. Dance around, stretch, walk in the woods, play a sport, whatever makes your heart and mind feel joyful. I know you’ve got this!

First create the PATTERN of getting dressed for the occasion routinely. Then simply do a little something.

Once you show up for yourself, most days you will notice that you want to do a little more than you imagined. You’ll want to walk a little further, pick up your pace, spin with more resistance, lift a bit heavier, or take that new class at the gym you’ve always wanted to try out. Consistently. Naturally.

Put it in your calendar!  Set a daily reminder! Calendars are dynamic tools to help with consistency and mindfulness. Consistency will then activate your drive to establish long-lasting healthy habits.


Katie Abbott, MS, RDN, INHC

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