My Philosophy

Whole Foods

Whole Person

Whole Life

We are all gifted with our own bio-individuality. I am here to guide you as we create YOUR path to the best, most vibrant version of you.

Good nutrition is


There is so much hype about ‘good foods’ and ‘bad foods’ as well as complex diets, but good nutrition is actually quite simple. One of my aims is to help you recognize that nourishing your body with fulfilling, health-full whole foods can be an easy part of your life. Don’t worry! You can occasionally enjoy the foods that are purely meant for pleasure.

Food Should Be

Delicious and Satisfying

Hunger is a way for our bodies to tell us we need more energy.  Eating in a  healthy way shouldn’t leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied. My hope is that you find pleasure and satisfaction with a renewed healthy lifestyle.

You Are Not A Number

On A Scale

Our bodies exist naturally in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  No matter your size, your body deserves self-love and respect. We will work on mindsets and lifestyles that support your beautiful, healthy body.

I believe that nourishing ourselves

Is About More Than Just Food

Sometimes we are fed not by the food on our plate, but by the energy of our lives.  Moments and feelings that fill you up demonstrate that everything is food. My hope is that our work together opens your awareness to see food as something that contributes to your quality of life by fueling your body and by living a life that brings you joy.

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