If I could give you just one suggestion for navigating the holiday season with ease and grace, it would be…wait I just had 3 things run through my mind!  Three is better than one, right?

It would be to:

Enjoy every minute. 

Say no to the activities, rituals, practices, foods that don’t serve you. 

And above all else, do not walk into the holiday season setting yourself up for failure. 

This is the worst time of year to go on a diet or set restrictive parameters around what you can and can not have. Many people assume that their willpower is stronger than it actually is, that eating healthy during the holidays is easy, or that peer pressure won’t have an effect.  All of these are extremely difficult situations to deal with, and if you set yourself up by taking on too many goals – you are likely to overwhelm yourself. Instead, pick one small change that you’d like to work on and really focus on it.

For example (choose one):

  • focus on not overeating at meals
  • only eat until you feel 80% full
  • pick one meal per day that you can avoid sugars completely
  • bring your own snacks into the office and try to avoid the holiday candy bowl

One thing really adds up over time, and it’s easier for you to focus on one small goal than loads of difficult ones!

What will you be focusing on this holiday season?  Get specific!

For more guidance with holiday eating check out my blog post 3 Intuitive Eating Tips for the Holidays.

Katie Abbott, MS, RDN, INHC

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