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Brazil Nut Milk’s Selenium Benefit

Did you know one brazil nut a day gives you all the selenium you need in a day? READ THE ARTICLE

The Many Redeeming Qualities of Rosemary

The American Institute for Cancer Research notes that herbs should be used as flavor enhancers because of their health-protective nutrients. Find out how I like to use nutrient packed rosemary in my own kitchen. READ THE ARTICLE

Is Caffeinated Tea Growing in Your Backyard?

You probably know tea is grown in distant lands such as China, Japan, India, and Africa. However, did you know that there might actually be tea growing in your own backyard? READ THE ARTICLE

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The Washington Post

Interview when I worked at the gorgeous Homestead in Hot Springs, VA! READ THE ARTICLE


Latest research says, coconut oil as unhealthy as beef fat, and butter – and I’m in agreeance! READ THE ARTICLE

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Wavy TV 10

Health Makeover Week – The Ornish Diet WATCH THE VIDEO

Cooking From The Heart

Ornish Reversal Program Part 1 WATCH THE VIDEO


Waist Away: Intermittent Fasting Podcast

In this episode, Chantel Ray and I talk about everything from eating when your stomach is growling, eating smoothies not drinking them, and how to find out what is really in your supplements.

Or you can listen here:

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