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Keep Calm & Try the Get Real Plan B

Plan A: Perfect Ideal Eating
Plan B: Get Real Eating

I would most definitely fall into that Plan B category.

I get real. I half-ass it. I’m proud of it.

In the perfect world, we would all happily have enough time for planning, list making, shopping, cutting, washing, prepping, and cooking because let’s face it everyone knows how to eat healthy these days, but guess what?! Life happens & things get disheveled. With office luncheons, work dinners, long-work days, too tired to cook, no groceries in the fridge, no energy after running after kids all day…Success really does NOT happen to those with a perfect Plan A, it happens to those with a strong, get real Plan B.

The Get Real eaters find healthy ways to conserve their energy plus save time and effort while consistently remaining healthy – winning!

Here are some ideas:

Plan A: Meal plan for an entire week.
Get Real: Plan a few meals for the week and eat leftovers.  Cook once, eat twice.

Plan A: Make salad dressing.
Get Real: Mix hummus with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar as salad dressing.

Plan A: Make a salad.
Get Real: Throw some veggie sticks on a plate.

Plan A: Buy fruits that you need to cut up and put in containers (melon, pineapple, watermelon)
Get Real: Purchase fruits you can grab and go such as clementines, apples, plums, pears, grapes.

Plan A: Make a stir-fry.
Get Real: Put leftover Chinese vegetables on a bed of greens or leftover quinoa.

Plan A: Meditate every morning.
Get Real: Take some slow deep breaths for 15 seconds to feel centered and grounded.

Plan A: Make brown rice/quinoa on the stovetop.
Get Real: Buy frozen, precooked brown rice/quinoa and heat up in a few minutes.

Plan A: Make steel cut oats on the stovetop (takes 30 minutes)
Get Real: Microwave rolled oats (takes 2 minutes)

Plan A: Make a fancy party appetizer to woo your friends.
Get Real: Make a 4 minute charcuterie board and still woo your friends.

Plan A: Drive to the gym and take a 60 minute work out class.
Get Real:  Do the 7 minute work out app at home a couple times.

Plan A: Turn off electronics 2-3 hours before bed.
Get Real:  Use blue light blocking glasses.

As you can see, you don’t have to strive so hard to live a healthy lifestyle.  These are some easy lifestyle hacks that still get you moving in the right direction!

Katie Abbott, MS, RDN, INHC

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