Dirt-Cheap, Affordable Self Care 

Lately I’m noticing the self care industry seems to be getting more and more expensive. You might also be noticing that Americans really care about self-care. The average American spends at least $199 a month, or about 22% of their disposable income, which translates to about $2,388 a year on non-essential items to “treat themselves,” according to a 2018 survey.

But it doesn’t have to cost a penny to indulge in some self loving care. This is more of a mindful, inner reflection approach that you can use anytime or anywhere. You might be surprised to see clean up a room on this list.  How is cleaning even self care?  Sounds more like a chore! But cleaning up a room is directly related to cleaning up the mind.  This outer order, creates inner peace. Simple, effective, free self care here we come!

  1. Take a break from self improvement
  2. Put your clean laundry away as soon as it is done
  3. There is no busiest person award – stop trying to win it – take a break
  4. Use the word no
  5. Limit the time you spend with people who drain you
  6. Get that one thing you’ve been putting off done – while doing it imperfectly
  7. Allow someone to help you
  8. Get some free Vitamin D – step outside into the sunshine for about 20 minutes
  9. In a hurry up world, it is okay to slow down
  10. Save some of your energy for yourself
  11. Give yourself permission to show up imperfectly
  12. Instagram is not a form of therapy or a place to check out – take a real break and put the phone in time out
  13. Go to bed early (my favorite!)
  14. Wake up to an old fashioned alarm clock (not your phone alarm)
  15. Pay attention to your dreams and write them in a dream journal
  16. Break up with fad diets (they never work long term anyway)
  17. Listen to your own intuition
  18. Keep the promises you make to yourself
  19. Brew your own tea or coffee and enjoy it in the peacefulness of your home
  20. Take a moment to listen to the birds
  21. Take a walk to run an errand instead of driving
  22. Take a walk outside
  23. Be early to an appointment or meeting
  24. Clean up a room
  25. Declutter a closet or drawer
  26. Mindfully drink a refreshing glass of filtered water
  27. Water the plants and say some kind words to them
  28. Follow a free online yoga class (thousands can be found on youtube)
  29. Follow a guided meditation (I like to use the free app Insight Timer)
  30. Dim the lights and listen to some music without distraction
  31. Take a power nap
  32. Go through some old photos and rejoice in the memories
  33. Donate 5 things you don’t need anymore
  34. Take a stroll through the library
  35. Listen to a podcast

Katie Abbott, MS, RDN, INHC

Author Katie Abbott, MS, RDN, INHC

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